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Weight Loss
Weight loss hypnosis
Weight Management and Hypnotherapy
Most people trying to control their weight have been in and around the ‘diet life cycle’, usually more than once.
Unfortunately this ‘diet life cycle’ does not work and is the reason why people usually regain their weight when they go off their diet or end up weighing more than when they first started their diet.
Does this sound familiar?
  1. You make a decision (I need/want to lose weight) and start of fantastically.
  2. You initiate diet/deprivation.
  3. You experience emotional or physiological stress including metabolic damage and cravings.
  4. You engage in eating of some banned food.
  5. You experience feelings of pointlessness – “I’ve broken the diet so why continue?”.
  6. You indulges in binge eating/overeating of banned food.
  7. You experience self–loathing, feelings of disappointment and /or anger, guilt, failure.
  8. You reinforce commitment to dieting/deprivation – moving back again to repeat the cycle at Step 1.
How can Hypnotherapy help me?
Hypnotherapy can help you get in touch with the reasons behind your weight gain, and then help you to overcome these habits or issues.  Hypnotherapy can help you with emotional eating, habitual eating, binge eating, overeating in general and of course help you eliminate problems with specific food binging e.g. chocolates, soft drinks.
By using the power of our subconscious mind, we can restore your body’s natural ability to metabolise your weight, and work on the deeper issues that led you to your current situation.  The change happens at a sub conscious level, helping you to become motivated to be more active, more confident, and wanting to eat and drink in more healthier ways.
The techniques used are gentle and facilitated in a warm and compassionate environment.
How many sessions will I need?
Sessions vary on the individual and there are no set number of sessions.  We usually advise for simple habitual elimination of certain foods just one to two sessions and 3+ for those wanting to lose a large amount of weight and who have deeper ingrained issues around their weight and image.  We will certainly discuss this with you and tailor a plan just right for you.

Hypnosis and healthy eating
Want to get started now? 
All you need to do is call or email us and make an appointment.
We also specialise in the Virtual Gastric Banding technique - Feel free to enquire for more information.
"Thank you Sherree. Your hypnotherapy worked! From the very first session I stopped binging on sweet snacks and didn't have a single craving. Given my numerous attempts to stop my lifelong sweet addiction I was so surprised that I didn't desire or even think about it anymore. Its been months now and still no binging. It's been so easy. I wish I had come to see you years ago." Helen R. 2012
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