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"Hi, I came and saw Sherree Williams about 10 months Ago , I'm pleased to say I still have not smoked from that day on."
Richard 2015
"Well, what can I say?!?   Its almost been a month since I had my last cigarette and its all thanks to you. I made a facebook enquiry one evening and after a few messages back and forth I made an appointment! I've been a smoker for 10 -11 years and you helped me stop when nothing else I have tried has conquered the disgusting habit! One session is all it took to change my life for the better! Here's to a smoke free future :D thank you!!"
Amber 2014
"Amazing Reiki session with Sherree, cannot wait to have another experience...was lovely. Thank you."
Helyna 2014
"Hi Sherree, just thought I would drop you a line and let you know how I'm doing. I haven't had a smoke since the Friday morning before I saw you. I feel great and really haven't felt this good in years. Thankyou so much for your help in getting me free from such a terrible habit" : ) xx
Victoria 2012
"Hey Sherree, Thanks for the email. Things are great, have not touched a smoke since attending to you on the 5th oct :-) barely think about it anymore, have been around smokers and am not tempted to have one. Thank you for all your help"
K.O. 2012
"Hi Sherree, I can't believe how well I am doing! Haven't had a cigarette since and have only had a craving about twice! Nearly gave in but thought that I had done so well so far, there is no point in giving in now. That was when I was stressed out to the max, but I continued positive thinking. At the start, what got me through was water
and picturing the image of how i want to be, opposed to how I felt when I smoked. I'm thinking of having a session for weight loss and nail biting.
Thank you so much for taking the time to see how I am doing!"
Danielle G. 2012
"Thank you Sherree. Your hypnotherapy worked! From the very first session I stopped binging on sweet snacks and didn't have a single craving. Given my numerous attempts to stop my lifelong sweet addiction I was so surprised that I didn't desire or even think about it anymore. Its been months now and still no binging. It's been so easy. I wish I had come to see you years ago."
Helen R. 2012
"Hi Sheree, l have to share the thing you did with me to help stop my anxious and emotional feelings when l see a war scene WORKS!!!   I saw a scene, felt myself instantly becoming upset and put my hand to my heart and it settled down instantly, yeeeaaah!  So thank you, thank you! Its nice to watch a scene from a show/movie without becoming distraught!"
Tanya 2012
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