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QUIT Smoking
By using Hypnotherapy and NLP to quit smoking, you CAN get break this habit for good!
  • Are you someone who knows smoking does you NO good at all - but your mind just can't let go of the habit?
  • Have you tried willpower, patches or gum - only to start smoking again?
  • Are you sick and tired of stinking like an ashtray, coughing and spluttering in the morning, being anti-social, and spending thousands of dollars a year on cigarettes?
Break the smoking habitIf you answered yes to ANY of the above questions, then the good news is - if you are genuinely ready and committed to finally quit smoking, then I can help you do it fast and easily, no withdrawals, no cravings!
Your smoking habit is a learnt pattern or programme, stored in the subconscious mind and is "running on auto-pilot" all of the time. It can be un learnt as easily as it was learnt!
Hypnotherapy is currently the best option smokers have available to them to stop smoking quickly, safely and easily.  Numerous clinical studies around the world have proven that hypnotherapy is the most effective way of giving up smoking, and Hypnotherapists within Australia have been reporting 96% success rates with their clients.
Hypnotherapy for quitting smoking is "more effective than nicotine replacement, more effective than willpower, more effective than acupuncture and more effective than self-help books and tapes", (Journal of Applied Psychology 10/92).  It is also more effective than patches, gum or books and it allows you to stop smoking easily, in a calm and relaxed way, without cravings for nicotine or food.
Hypnotherapy enables you to replace or update your old smoking programme that is stored in your subconscious mind, with new suggestions for more useful ways of behaving.  It empowers you to better cope with those situations and stimuli that would have triggered you to light up and smoke in the past.
Most smokers stop in the very first session, although it is beneficial to have 1 or 2 more sessions after the first, to follow up on any weak or new triggers, and this ensures that you quit for good.  Imagine how you will feel and what you will look like as a non smoker, with clearer skin, brighter teeth and fewer wrinkles! How proud you will be to hear yourself say those words "No thanks I'm a non smoker!"  What it will feel like to breathe easier, taste foods again, have more money in your pocket, and to be back in control of your mind, body and life!
What is your motivation to stop smoking?
  • Being a positive example to children
  • To save your life
  • To avoid a painful illness or disease from smoking
  • To gain greater health, fitness and vitality
  • To enjoy a less stressful life (research proves this)
  • Suffer less anxiety
  • To put $1,000's of dollars back into your pocket instead of supporting a habit
  • To regain control rather than being controlled by cigarettes
  • Greater self esteem knowing you have done something truly significant for yourself
  • Look better and younger with healthier skin
  • Be more attractive to others and your partner (or potential partners)
Research has proven that people who quit smoking are more satisfied with their lives, feel healthier and experience less stress compared to those who continue to smoke. The research looked at 1,504 people who took part in a trial in the United States: "Our findings suggest that individuals will be happier and more satisfied with their lives if they stop smoking than if they do not. This research provides substantial evidence that quitting smoking benefits well-being, compared to continuing smoking".
Furthermore, some smokers have the belief that there's not much point in stopping after smoking for so long. Research shows that your body heals itself in amazing ways once it is giving the chance to do so by stopping smoking.
Watch the body heal:
Within 20 mins:
•  Your blood pressure and pulse rate start to drop
•   Your body temperature in your hands and feet increases to normal and your circulation improves
Within 8 hours
• The carbon monoxide level in your blood drops
•  The oxygen level in your blood increases to normal
Within 12 hours
•  Almost all the nicotine has been metabolised from your body
Within 24 hours
• Your blood levels of carbon monoxide have dropped dramatically
•  Your lungs start to clean themselves
•  Your chance of having a heart attack due to smoking is already decreasing
Within 48 hours
•  Nicotine has been removed from your body
•  Your senses of taste and smell start to increase
Within 72 hours
•  Your bronchial tubes begin to relax and you can breathe easier
•   Your lung capacity also increases which means you can do physical activities easier
Within 3 months
•  Your lung cilia begin to recover and lung function improves
Within 1 year
•  Your risk of coronary heart disease is halved after one year compared to smokers who continue to smoke
Within 2 years
•  Your risk of heart attack is now the same as for a lifelong non smoker
Within 10 years
•  Your risk of lung cancer is less than half that of a continuing smoker and continues to decline
Within 15 years
•  Your risk of coronary heart disease is the same as a non smoker
So you can see that it is never too late to quit smoking. When you give your body the chance to heal itself by quitting smoking, your body can and will go about making significant health improvements both immediately and ongoing.
But your body can only heal itself to full health again if you quit smoking before any permanent and life threatening damage is done. And the risk you face is that once you find out that smoking has caused irreversible damage ... it is too late. Whatever your current health situation is, the best time to quit is right now.
All you need to do is call or email me and make an appointment.
Smoking Testimonials
"Hi Sherree,just thought I would drop you a line and let you know how im doing. I haven't had a smoke since the Friday morning before I saw you. I feel great and really haven't felt this good in years. Thankyou so much for your help in getting me free from such a terrible habbit" : ) xx
Victoria 2012
"Hey Sherree, Thanks for the email. Things are great, have not touched a smoke since attending to you on the 5th oct :-) barely think about it anymore, have been around smokers and am not tempted to have one. Thank you for all your help"
K.O. 2012
"Hi Sherree, I can't believe how well I am doing! Haven't had a cigarette since and have only had a craving about twice! Nearly gave in but thought that I had done so well so far, there is no point in giving in now. That was when I was stressed out to the max, but I continued positive thinking. At the start, what got me through was water and picturing the image of how i want to be, opposed to how I felt when I smoked. I'm thinking of having a session for weight loss and nail biting. Thank you so much for taking the time to see how I am doing!"
D.G. 2012
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